Web3 is changing the rules of Engagement. Get ready for a new era of Commerce with digital collectibles & tokens.

Scan & Go

Acquire customers anywhere with a simple QR code. Frictionless experience to acquire tokens. On the phone, no app required. Activate benefits with the Faro Passport on mobile, web, in-store, or at partner locations.


Programmable. To Your Needs.

Customize the benefits
Every NFT is unique. Just like the customer who owns it. Create benefits that match your customers.
Set up the rules
Define when & where the benefits can be accessed. Which NFT/collection gets it. For how long.
Activate instantaneously
Enable the benefits to users immediately. As easy as push notifications.

Faro Passport on Mobile.

Transport your digital collectible / NFT into your mobile wallet to unlock unique benefits IRL. Get rewarded in real-time based on digital and in-person engagement.

Enhanced protection from the native security of iOS and Android.


Access your pass anywhere right on your homescreen.

IRL Utility

Access token-gated experiences for your NFTs with ease.


Empowering Brands to build in Web3.

Loyalty. Digital Twins. Promotions. Engagement.
More effective with Faro.


Create Digital Collectibles or import from anywhere. No code required. Enable gasless minting & claiming. No platform fees either.


Set up your programs & rules. Or, we can integrate with your systems. Customize them for relevance and to maximize impact.


Tie the Digital Collectible to the Faro Passport to enable utility for holders. Distribute anywhere. Engage everywhere.

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